• What Is Erasmus+ ?
  • Who Can Apply For Erasmus+ ?
  • What is your PIC / OID Erasmus+ unique number?
  • How can my school apply?
  • Is it difficult to get Erasmus+ funding?
  • When will I know if my school is successful?
  • What is important?
  • Can I take part in your courses without Erasmus+ funding?

Erasmus+ is a programme initiated by the European Union that helps teachers who wish to come to European Teachers Academy for teacher training to develop themselves professionally. The Erasmus+ programme pays or contributes to your costs such as flights, course fees, accommodation and travel expenses. All expenses are covered by the grant.

Your school can apply for funding for you and your colleagues (teachers, headmasters, administrators). Every year, there is a deadline to apply for teacher training and development funding (usually beginning of February) for programmes that run from June of that year to May the following year. Please note that it is your school that applies for funding, it is not possible to apply as an individual.

Erasmus+ OID number: E10255949. PIC numbers are no longer in use. Please note that the European Teachers Academy is a training section and a highly specialised brand owned by the Krakowskie Forum Edukacji sp. z o.o., dedicated exclusively to the training of teachers, school headmasters and school administrators. For this reason, according to Polish tax regulations, registered under the Erasmus+ OID number: E10255949 is the company Krakowskie Forum Edukacji sp. z o.o., which also invoices for participation in the European Teachers Academy events.

Your school must fill in the official Erasmus+ Application Form (Key Action 1) and outline how the school will use the money you receive. Your application needs to be sent to the institution representing the European Union in your country – the National Agency. Your National Agency’s website will give you advice on how to apply successfully for financial help for teacher training with European Teachers Academy.

Click here to find the National Agency for your country.

Naturally, your National Agency will want you to put a lot of effort into your application for course funding. But you should not feel discouraged – thousands of schools apply successfully for funding every year. 

Your school will be notified during the spring / summer following your application. You can then take part in teacher training programmes of your choice. 

The key areas to consider in your application are outlined in the Erasmus+ Programme Guide

To summarise, you should think about:

1. Relevance of the project: How does the teacher development course at the European Teachers Academy relate to the priorities of the Erasmus + mobility project and meet the needs and objectives of the participating organisations and individual participants? How are high-quality learning outcomes guaranteed? To what extent is the international scope of the participating organisation reinforced?

2. Quality of the project design and implementation: How are the participants appropriately selected and prepared for the teacher training course at the European Teachers Academy? How does the course fit the one/two year European Development Plan of the organisation? How are the learning outcomes recognised? How is the course being arranged, managed and supported?

3. Impact and dissemination: What measures are being used to evaluate the success of the project? What is the impact of the project on the individual and the participating organisation? What dissemination will occur after the course?

Of course you can! We are happy to have you take part in the European Teachers Academy teacher training courses regardless of how you finance your course.