Course objectives and programmatic details:

Social media in classroom for greater youth participation


In the era of contemporary, knowledge and competences based society youth participation is considered to be one of the fundaments for unleashing creativity and citizenship spirit among young generation. On the other hand young people are often driving power behind rapid development of communication and technology instruments, such as electronic channels (internet), social media (Facebook, twitter, video portals) and others. IT technology is indivisibly connected to modern participation and enters to the core of curricula of modern classroom. The objective of this training course is to gather a balanced group of teachers from selected EU Countries and to train educators in the effective application of contemporary social media and video tools relevant to their classroom work in the light of the overall idea of ensuring greater youth participation.

The programme will address the following issues:

  • Social media as a source of information, promotion and outreach (young people needs, trends in internet usage, and the youth portfolio of the social media)
  • Video production and other modern web technologies in effective youth participation (portfolio, website, fan pages, picture and video galleries, etc.)
    Social media technologies and classroom usage (modern IT technologies as a tool in classroom education)
  • Social media technologies and effective communication with young people

This technical knowledge is framed into a larger picture of debating youth participation, the trends in youth participation in the EU, youth information, media and information system for young people. Participants will learn about the concept of youth participation and the work of the European Union institutions in this regard. There will be also presentations of various institutions in the EU working on the issues of youth information, media and information system for young people, which can be useful for educators working in a formal type of school education in a classroom.

Key competences acquired by participants

IT skills, social media, youth participation, youth information, ICT in classroom.

When is the next Course and how do I apply?

Target groups: Teachers, educators, youth workers, trainers, coaches, therapists, HR managers: any professional who works with other people as a teacher, guide, mentor, leader or counsellor.

Target groups:

High school teachers.


On request only for groups. Please consider attending a sister course: ICT tools for learning.



Krakow, Poland.

Social programme: 

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A few words about course co-ordinator

Dr Piotr Uhma

Piotr Uhma serves as an Assistant Professor in international law at the Institute of Law, Administration and Economics, Pedagogical University of Krakow, Poland. He is the founder and President of the European Institute Pro Futuro Europae, and has led over a few dozen trainings on youth participation, democratic citizenship, soft skills and IT tools in education. He performed various consultancy and public speaking assignments in places such as Prague, Sydney, Jakarta, Strasbourg, Vienna, Amman, Nairobi, Denver, Seoul Jerusalem and Pamplona.