Erasmus + Courses

How much it costs?

A grant from EU Erasmus+ programme covers all the necessary costs for the participant. The course fee of all our trainings is 560 €. You will be able to cover this fee and all other costs with your Erasmus+ grant.

For every approved grant you’ll receive the following amount:

  • Course fee: 560 € (80 € per day for 7 days). That includes tuition, training materials and social programme.
  • Organizational costs: Organizations receive 100 € for each participant that goes to mobility.
  • Individual support: up to 100 € per day. This amount covers cost of living (especially accommodation and meals). We are providing you with a good value accommodation and choice of local restaurants within or below the budget.
  • Travel expenses: depending on your country you will receive 180 – 360 € for travel expenses to our course locations. This is usually more than enough, if you consider main and alternative airports that you can reach with efficient shuttle transfer services. You can receive additional funds for choosing so called „green travel”, which is for example a bus or train.

European Teachers Academy courses catalogue includes: