Why Us?

About us

The European Teachers Academy is an international training provider specialized in the development of professionals working in the educational sector by promoting, supporting and providing training activities in accordance with the Erasmus + principles and best practices in education and training.

The European Teachers Academy is a training section and a highly specialised brand owned by the Krakowskie Forum Edukacji sp. z o.o., dedicated exclusively to the training of teachers, school headmasters and school administrators. For this reason, according to Polish tax regulations, registered under the Erasmus+ OID number: E10255949 is the company Krakowskie Forum Edukacji sp. z o.o., which also invoices for participation in the European Teachers Academy events.

Many years of experience working closely with schools, teachers and youth workers all over Europe has allowed us to reach a deep understanding of the reality of the education and teaching sector, observing the needs, new tendencies and the continuous changes the educational system is undergoing.

The Krakowskie Forum Edukacji sp. z o.o. draws on over 15 years of experience of its founding partners, who can boast of the organization of over 30 international projects related to various educational topics in recent years. The most successful are “Youth participation in local and regional life”, “Architects of change”, “Entrepreneurial Skills Academy”, “IT skills for youth participation”, “Video and social media for youth participation”, „Education in peace through sport”, „Green culture”.

The Krakowskie Forum Edukacji sp. z o.o. maintains a large network of international contacts and partnerships developed during years of programmatic activities. Our most common partners come from Italy, Greece, Germany, Romania, Portugal, Lithuania and Cyprus, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Turkey, Croatia and Spain. There are also other partners, we cooperate with in: Russian Federation, Ukraine, Armenia, Georgia, Azerbaijan and Israel.

Based on this rich experience we established the European Teachers Academy as an exclusive training section and we have launched a wide range of courses and training events which provide all the necessary tools to improve the skills of teachers and school staff.

Training activities involve a full interaction and integration of participants; therefore they are delivered in a friendly and inspirational atmosphere. Delivery method applied during the course is the combination of: empirical evidence, workshop approach, case studies, teamwork, thematic simulations, use of so-called mind tools and discussion.

We are especially proud of our interactive methodology, which allows for making European friendships and collaborations in the future, as well as balanced combination of training hours and inspirational social programme, which we animate together with our participants.