Course objectives and programmatic details:

Didactic Games for Busy Teachers


The course introduces variety of practical didactic games that can be realised in the class with minimal effort and time of preparation.All the games involve students actively in the lesson, maintain their attention and evoke their motivation.

Team and pair games make students learn how to debate, lead to better argumentation, negotiation and improve understanding others in general. Being able to communicate, play active role as a team member and cooperate with others are extremely important skills for your students.

Time limited games develop understanding the importance of time management and increase ability to work under pressure.

Many of the games work also with principles of TPR (games based on total physical response) that connect new knowledge with body movement and intensifies level of understanding. They are also very useful for practising and revision of earlier introduced knowledge.

These simple activities can be used even in formal based lessons and make them more vivid and appealing. As a part of NFE (non-formal education) didactic games offer effective educational alternative to traditional teaching methods and approaches.

Key competences acquired by participants

Here are the main objectives of the training:

  • learning variety of games that can be easily introduced in the classroom

  • getting familiar with the games by practising them within the course

  • sharing knowledge and experience with other colleagues

  • improving atmosphere of cooperation and socializing your class

  • participants will be able to realize most of the games without any special equipment or computers

  • participants will receive a ready set of teaching materials

When is the next Course and how do I apply?

Target groups: Teachers from primary to high school


11-17 August (Prague), 18-24 August (Kraków), 29.06. – 5.07. 2025 (Kraków), 6-12.07.2025 (Prague)



Krakow, Poland.

Social programme: 

The social programme activities are included within your course fees!


A few words about course co-ordinator

Mgr. Irena Hertlová


I´m a keen teacher of English, Czech language and history. I have been teaching for more than 20 years and I have taught almost all age groups – pre-schoolers, elementary (primary school), high school and also adults.  Apart from teaching I´m also a leader of Game Club in my school and I´m a methodist of children socially pathologic behaviour. In my teaching career I have tried many methods, approaches, games and activities and I have decided to share my knowledge with other teachers.